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DSQUARED Laced Ice Skate Boots

DSQUARED Laced Ice Skate Boots $1,825.00 luisaviaroma

I'm big fan of DSQUARED, Dean and Dan are innovators and one of fashion's top design duo. But sometimes, like in this case they get carried away. I mean seriously? Trust me, I was on the fence with these Ice Skate Boots. I like the concept and all but at the end of the day they are just to out there for my taste. And the real reason why I picked them as this week's fashion crime is practicality. Yes, they are statement worthy but you can buy at least three pairs of Louboutins for the price. For me they are a 'one-hit wonder', wear them once, fab! Wear them a second time around... tired.


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Beth Kline Author Profile Page said:

The prospect of walking in these shoes is too ankle-achingly awful to consider..............................

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