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Yves Saint Laurent Mirrored Vanda Pump

Hello world! It's been a while since I posted anything. It has been challenging to work full time and blog. Blogging is not as easy at it seems, Specially, if it's a one person team. With this, I've been contemplating, perhaps it is time to close down It has been a good 4 year run. I may come to a decision by this year's end. For now, let's get back on the task at hand!

Anything mirrored, shiny and sparkly I love! That's why these Yves Saint Laurent pumps made it to this week's investment worthy splurge. These pumps are modern and edgy yet feminine, sexy and uber chic. Easy to pair with any look for day or evening. I love the silver metallic pump but the black one has more of a classic feel to it.


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marielle02 Author Profile Page said:

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