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With the thousands of stores and online shops to choose from, it can be fun for others but perhaps just madness for some. Speaking through experience, it seems like every store just have the same stuff and that's why we shop where we are most comfortable. With this, we miss out on other fabulous resources out there.
Photos from Le Chateau's Spring Collection

When you come across a new store or online boutique, do what I do. First, I check out their inventory (how much of it is original designs or do they only offer items from known labels and designers), style (do they offer current trends, do they carry exclusive items or specialty pieces) and of course quality and price (are you getting your money's worth).

Hence, I recommend Le Chateau, this Canadian specialty retailer has been around since 1959. And thanks to the internet, for us who don't have access to one of their stores, we can now get our hands on their pieces. I love the contemporary styles and modern designs that are priced reasonably. The selection is not vast but with some creativity you can create an array of head-to-toe looks.

So, if you would like to try something new and fresh check out Have a fabulous day!


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