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Finally, the wait is over! After seeing the previews for NBC's new show Fashion Star, I was hooked. But, I'll be honest I had my reservations on what can the show offer to viewers that they haven't seen from a fashion reality show before. Last night was the pilot episode and here's my take on the show.

The Mentors:
  • Jessica Simpson - from pop princess to multimillion dollar fashion brand. I'm happy to see her back on television.
  • Nicole Richie - created the award winning brand House of Harlow 1960. Happy to see her as well. A totally different Nicole since the last time we saw her in a show with her then BFF Paris Hilton.
  • John Varvatos - having been the menswear designer for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, he launched his own line in 2000 and has become one of fashion's top designer and brand.

The Buyers:

  • Terron Schaefer - Saks Fifth Avenue's executive vice-president and chief creative officer.
  • Caprice Willard - featured buyer for Macy's.
  • Nicole Christie - H&M featured buyer.
This is the something 'different' Fashion Star has to offer. I love the fact that the designers/contestants get the opportunity of a lifetime. Each week, the buyers make offers and outbid each other on the designer's garments. And the biggest incentive for the designer is, their creations can be purchased the day after the show! The opportunity of having a designer's pieces sold at Saks, Macy's and H&M is a huge accomplishment.

The Show:

I like the upbeat and fast pace of the program. It does remind me of a Victoria Secret fashion show. I wonder if host/producer Elle Macpherson channeled her inner 'angel for the show.
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As far as the designers, no one really stood out for me. I mean it's the first episode. I'm sure someone will rise to the occasion as the show progress. The only thing that didn't sit well with me is how some of the designers talked back to the mentors and buyers in a not so nice way.

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